BREAK FREE at Stress fracture, LLC.


The Capital Region’s 1st Mobile Stress Relief Room


Our mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting place for people of all ages to release their frustrations. You will be given permission to break sh*%! The results could be a sense of freedom, release, and/or relaxation. The experience will support stress relief while also tapping into a child-like playfulness. You will be able to break things and not get in trouble! Can you imagine the relief !?!



Jacky Vimislik is a former forensic chemist and continued employee of the community service industry, Stress Fracture, LLC was born out of her own need for an outlet from her everyday stress.  

Working within the law enforcement community, Jacky knows how much stress and trauma can affect an individual and she was inspired to create a fun way that could help individuals, businesses and community organizations deal with – and break free from – what stresses them.


A little more about Jacky …

Jackalynne Vimislik is the CEO and Owner of Stress Fracture, LLC. She was inspired to launch Stress Fracture somewhat by accident after a run-of-the-mill clean up day at work turned into an exceptional day of stress relief at the expense of unused glassware.

She has a long career working in forensics and is currently a Laboratory Accreditation Specialist where she serves as the primary contact for compliance issues involving accreditation for publicly funded forensic laboratories. Among other things, she provides administrative support to the New York State Commission on Forensic Science and its DNA Subcommittee and serves as the liaison for communications with the New York State Intelligence Center on a forensic intelligence initiative. 

Active in the community, she volunteers with the Northeast Kidney Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those with kidney disease; Street Soldiers, a grass roots organization providing food and clothing for the homeless; Project Ella, an initiative that collects bottles and cans and utilizes the proceeds to help those in need; and Dig the Falls, an organization that helps to maintain the beauty of public parks and waterfalls, and offers educational initiatives and scholarships for those pursuing careers in forestry.

Jacky is an avid hiker and also launched Show Me Your Falls, an online community that shares waterfall adventures, photos and experiences. She is a resident of the Capital Region and can’t wait to help everyone break free from the stress that ails them!



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A MOBILE Stress Relief Experience